Cheapest Cities in Europe to Visit in 2015


Exploring Europe has not been this cheap in a long time and with careful planning and being open to new experiences, you can see a wide variety of European cities on the cheap. The following guide will introduce you to six wonderful European cities and what they have to offer the thrifty traveller. Krakow, Poland Krakow is … [Read more…]

A Guide To Help You Travel Abroad In 2015


At the beginning of the year many people start putting a lot of thought into what they plan to do with themselves for the following 12 months, their New Years resolution. School is out (perhaps for good) and you’ve hopefully wrangled a couple of weeks holiday from the office to bask in the glorious sunshine. … [Read more…]

Cheapest Ways To Travel Europe


Europe is THE destination for many would be travellers and backpackers looking to take a gap year or just spend a summer break abroad. Many of those travellers also want to do it as cheap as possible so having experienced Europe myself I wanted to share what I’ve learnt to be the cheapest ways to travel Europe … [Read more…]